Mariya Shiyko, Ph.D., is a university professor turned entrepreneur. She empowers women to create a life aligned with their purpose and joy and has 12+ years of experience.

Her books “From Russia to Joy” and “My Brilliant Money Book” question the mainstream paradigm around self-sacrifice and self-neglect in order to achieve goals. Mariya has a unique education that combines sciences and alternative healing. She has appeared on Biz Talk Radio, Mind Body Radio, and Women Inspired TV.

She currently lives in Boston with her partner and son. Mariya is only in Australia for a short time and we are honoured to have her host 3 unique masterclasses over the course of 3 days at Ayupotheca!


If you're looking to deepen your romantic relationship & align it with your spiritual practices, then this workshop is for you!

While the principles covered can apply to any relationship, the focus is primarily on romantic partnerships, as it serves as a mirror of your growth & self-mastery. You will increase your self-love and sovereignty, deepen your intuition, improve communication, and gain clarity.

The outcome is a deeper self-alignment, which translates into a more authentic and meaningful romantic partnership.


Develop and deepen your intuitive abilities to connect to spirit and channel spiritual messages with Spiritual Guidance. This masterclass is designed to help you connect to your spiritual core and receive guidance to help you live your physical life in alignment with your purpose and higher self.

You will learn to connect to the spirit, channel spiritual messages, and receive information that you can apply to your daily life.


Center your relationship with money at your heart and purpose with Heart-Centered Money, a masterclass for anyone who deals with money, including business owners.

We are often conditioned to give our power away to money or to neglect money altogether. This masterclass aims to bring the balance back.

We will focus on self-empowerment, connecting to your desires, intuition, and heart. We will release limiting beliefs around money & learn to take intuitive actions to realize your dreams -professional & personal.


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