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Lilium Moon Time Tea is mindfully crafted to support inner and outer harmony during all lunar phases of a woman. Created to alleviate menstrual cramps, promote peace during PMS, and replenish the body.


Nettle Rich in iron, nettle is a natural blood builder among being potent in highly nourishing minerals and vitamins.

Red Raspberry Leaf Known to reduce menstrual cramps by strengthening the uterus as well as the pelvic area.

Shatavari- Known to rejuvenate the female reproductive system since ancient traditions. Calendula Helps to relieve PMS, reduce excessive bleeding and help the lymphatic system to clear.

Lavender Helps to sooth and relax the nervous system, body, mind and spirit helping to ease an PMS anxiety and depression.

Blue Lotus We consider to be the flower of wisdom, intuition and connection, basically Woman in a flower.

Rose Petals In everything for love and opening to heart.