SMOKE by Lilium

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A herbal mix specifically formulated to enhance dreaming and to cleanse the spirit and mind through deep breathing and meditation.

All herbs are certified organic or wild-crafted and pay tribute to the plant medicine realm.

This mix can be rolled & smoked and it's a great substitute for tobacco to help reduce nicotine cravings & addiction. Alternatively it be combine with ghee & jaggery to make sticky Shisha mix to be inhaled through filtered water.

This versatile mix can even be combined with ghee & resins and burned as an incense for purification of your home.



Blue lotus provides a mild sense of tranquility and euphoria, along with altered states of awareness.

Rose for opening the heart and drawing love in, closer and closer. Within ourselves and others.

Mullein a powerful but gentle lung tonic for deep breathing so we can access our higher state of mind and awareness.

Marshmallow to soften muscles and tissues, to calm the nervous system and dive deeper into a state of relaxation.

Damiana as a guide through the dreamtime realm + close ally in cosmic subconscious travelling. A Gentle and effective aphrodisiac.

Skullcap to induce a deep state of relaxation through clearing anxiety and insomnia.

Roll up!