To a heavy bottomed pot add the following in order:

    • 1cup Hulled Buckwheat (dry toast in pot first then add the following)
    • 3-4cups filtered water / stock / or broth of choice
    • 4slices of Baby Ginger
    • Cracked Black Pepper 
    • Rock Salt to taste
    • Bring to boil, reduce heat and let simmer with lid on for about 15-20min
    • When buckwheat is tender add cherry tomatoes & lightly poach, then turn of heat and allow buckwheat to soften. Top with fresh herbs and ghee
    • *Kapha pacifying - great for Winter to dry up excess Kapha in the body (fluid retention, heaviness, congestion etc), helps Pitta type people to bulk up loose, unformed stools but becayse its heating eat in small amounts with fresh cooling herbs like coriander or mint, Vata type people must eat with caution in small amounts or as side dish to avoid drying out colon, bloating & gas alternatively they can add more ghee if agni is strong

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