- 2stubs of fresh turmeric finely chopped

- 2 stubs of fresh young ginger finely chopped 

- organic apple cider vinegar

- 2tablespoons raw organic honey 

- 1tablespoon fresh lemon/lime juice



- Using mortar and pestle mash fresh turmeric, ginger

- add to glass bottle and cover with ACV

- Add in lemon juice and honey and mix

- Store in fridge for up to 2 weeks and strain as needed


Serving size:

- 15ml-30ml (1-2tablespoons) diluted with 1cup warm water per day 


*Perfect winter warming remedy to warm the body and reduce the negative effects of Kapha dosha. Also good remedy for PCOS to help manage hormonal fluctuations, promote Weight-loss, stabilise blood sugar levels, as well as help fight infection. 

*CAUTION: Always rinse mouth out after drinking ACV to avoid eroding tooth enamel. If you experience burping, acid reflux or burning sensations stop drinking immediately as you may have pitta imbalance or stomach ulcer. Seek advice from your Ayurvedic Practitioner or trusted health practitioner