INGREDIENTS (recipe serves 4)

- 2cup Whole Puy/French Lentils 

- 5-6cups Filtered Water 

- 1tablespoon Turmeric Powder

- 1/4tsp Cayenne powder or Cracked Black Pepper to taste

- 1tablespoon Cumin Powder

- 1tablespoon of fine Rock Salt

- 1tablespoon of Urban Forager veggie stock concentrate 

- 1cup Brown Basmati Rice

- 2-3tablespoons Organic Ghee

- 1tablespoon black mustard seeds

- 1medium Brown Onion finely chopped

- 1knob of ginger finely chopped

- 2cloves Garlic finely chopped

- 1cup Purple Cabbage roughly sliced (or other seasonal veg)

- 1cup Carrot roughly diced



      1. To a heavy bottom pot add lentils, water, powdered spices, salt & stock - cover and bring to boil and then let simmer with lid on for roughly 15min 
      2. When lentils are tender add in rice and continue cooking on low heat with lid on for another 15-20min
      3. In hot iron wok or heavy bottom fry pan add 2tablespoon ghee, then pop mustard seeds
      4. then add onion and caramelise for 5min before adding ginger and garlic - stir for 1min
      5. When lentils & rice are well cooked and almost of mushy consistency, add wok mixture  along with the cabbage & carrot. Cook on low heat with lid on to steam veg. Add more water if necessary depending upon desired consistency.
      6. When vegetables become almost transparent turn off heat and let flavours combine
      7. Serve warm with fresh dill, parmesan or extra ghee on top


*This dish is TRIDOSHIC (good for all the Doshas) the perfect hearty meal in cooler months to satiate that raging Pitta appetite, ground vata again & stimulate sluggish Kapha!

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