This hearty favourite is excellent during autumn & early winter as it reduces heat which can get trapped in the body after summer, it also promotes detoxification and weightloss so perfect for shedding unnecessary weight before diving into winter. 

TRIDOSHIC (add in lots of ghee for vata people) - VEGETARIAN  - LACTOSE FREE - GF - RECIPE SERVES 4


- 2cups dried borlotti beans 

- 1L of organic broth or stock of choice 

- 1/2cup ghee 

- 1large brown onion diced 

- 1tablespoon chopped ginger 

- 4cloves of garlic roughly diced

 - 1tablespoon black mustard seeds 

- 1tablespoon cumin seeds 

- 1tablespoon of organic turmeric powder 

- 1/4tsp cayenne pepper

- 1bayleaf

- 1-3tablespoons of salt (depending on stock used) and pepper to taste 

- coriander (with stems finely chopped), Basil or fresh herbs of choice 

- Serve with Basmati rice white/brown, with fresh pasta, bread and butter or simply enjoy on its own as detoxifying, tonifying yet hearty bean soup!



- Soak beans over night then rinse and cook in stock/water with turmeric, cayenne, cracked pepper, bayleaf & salt until very tender


In a pressure cooker cook beans for up to 40mins cook them in stock/water with turmeric, cayenne, cracked pepper, bay leaf & salt until very tender


in a slow cooker (what I’ve done here) cook ever night in stock/water with turmeric, cayenne, cracked pepper, bay leaf & salt until very tender

- in cast iron pan or wok heat ghee to high temp and add in mustard seeds until they pop, cumin seeds, then add in ginger, followed by onion and caramelise before adding in garlic cook until satisfied and then mix into cooked beans 

- if using coriander (I clearly put coriander in everything) add in finely chopped stems 

- (optional) Serve with steamy rice cooked in clay pot and garnish with desired herbs 

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